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We create a safe and inclusive space where you can feel comfortable and supported throughout your journey towards healing and growth.

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Counseling, Therapist, Psychotherapist in San Jose, Morgan Hill, Fremont, CA - Therapy for Every Body

Counseling, Therapist, Psychoitherapist in San Jose, Morgan Hill, Fremont, CA - Therapy for Every Body
We create a safe and inclusive space where you can feel comfortable and supported throughout your journey towards healing and growth.

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How We Help

Our team of skilled and compassionate therapists is dedicated to providing you with the care you deserve, regardless of your age, size, gender, cultural background, abilities, or appearance, and offer therapy in person in San Jose, Oakland, Fremont, and Morgan Hill, as well as online throughout California.

We use various modalities: CBT, mindfulness, strengths-based, emotion focused and collaborative styles to craft a unique treatment that is personalized to your needs and concerns. We help all members of the family with appropriate and effective psychotherapy.

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

We know that depression, anxiety and other challenges are hard. We offer support and tools to create a better life for yourself.

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Child & Family Therapy

Child Therapy

We offer cognitive behavioral, play, and sand tray therapy for children. We also work with parents and families to address the whole system.

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Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

We love helping people in all stages and structures of relationships to clarify, reconnect, feel heard, and move forward together.

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Teen Therapy

Teen Therapy

Adolescence is an important time of transition, and we’re here to help your teen navigate the challenges and thrive during these years.

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LGBTQ Therapy

LGBTQ Therapy

We support and align with every flavor of queer. We welcome your sexuality, relationship structure, gender, body type, and whoever you are.

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Comprehensive Mental Health Support for the Entire Family

Who We Are

Welcome to Therapy for Every Body, where we embrace the beauty of diversity and the power of healing for all. Our core belief is that therapy should be a universal right, accessible and inclusive to every individual, regardless of their background or identity.

How We’re Different

There are plenty of impersonal, online therapy megacorporations. We offer something different: authentic, skilled, passionate therapists who love their jobs and want to help.

Wherever You Are

Whether you’re taking initial steps towards emotional growth or continuing your path to mental wellness, our doors are open for you. Our dedicated therapists are here to guide, support, and walk alongside you every step of the way.

We’re Here for You

We offer comprehensive online therapy sessions accessible throughout California, bringing professional support right to your fingertips. For those who prefer, we also welcome in-person sessions at our comfortable offices in San Jose, Oakland, Fremont, and Morgan Hill.

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At Therapy for Every Body, your mental health goals are our priority. Connect with us today and start your journey toward a more fulfilling, balanced life. Let’s make wellness accessible and inclusive, together.

Discover a place where you feel safe, heard, and understood

We can help you manage whatever life hands you.

We offer effective and accessible therapy options for people dealing with all kinds of life stressors. Whether you are stressed out, burnt out, or bummed out, we can support you on your path to feeling better.

“Therapy for Every Body has such a diverse team of therapists. I saw one therapist, and my child saw another. Both therapists were so wonderful: professional, helpful, and truly kind. I cannot recommend them highly enough!”

“Our child started therapy during a particularly tough school year, and the transformation we’ve seen has been incredible. The therapist’s ability to connect with children and make them feel comfortable is outstanding. As parents, we’ve also learned so much about supporting our child’s emotional and mental health.”

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