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Embracing the Journey: Supporting Gender Expansive Individuals

2024-02-06T23:11:07-07:00February 6, 2024|

Gender Expansive Adjective. Description of someone whose gender identity and/or gender expression expands beyond, actively resists, and/or does not conform to the current, limiting cultural or social expectations of gender, particularly in relation to male or female. In the diverse tapestry of human experience, understanding and embracing one’s gender identity is a deeply personal [...]

The Perils of Academic Pressure for Young People

2024-02-06T22:46:56-07:00February 6, 2024|

Navigating the Maze of Anxiety: Understanding the Plight of Teens and Young Adults In today's fast-paced world, teens and young adults face an unprecedented level of academic pressure. This intense focus on achievement, often fueled by family expectations, can have a profound impact on their mental health, leading to heightened levels of anxiety. As [...]

Parenting Styles: Navigating the Seas of Raising Kids

2024-02-05T00:17:21-07:00February 5, 2024|

The Ride of Parenting Parenting is an art, a science, and let's be honest, sometimes a circus act. From the high-wire balancing act of being supportive without helicoptering to the clown car chaos of managing a busy household, we've all been there. Whether you're an authoritative figure in your child's life, a permissive pal, [...]

Treating Trauma with Sensitivity

2024-01-31T21:53:09-07:00January 31, 2024|

In the realm of therapy, particularly when addressing trauma, our approach embodies a philosophy of patience, gradual exploration, and a deep respect for the individual's pace and readiness. Engaging in trauma work transcends merely recounting traumatic experiences; it's fundamentally about cultivating a secure foundation within oneself. This involves honing self-regulation skills, fostering self-trust, [...]

Decision Guide: Online or In-Person Therapy (or both)?

2024-01-12T00:02:05-07:00January 11, 2024|

Deciding Between Online and In Person TherapyWhen considering therapy options, deciding between online and in-person sessions, or even a blend of both, is an important step towards your mental health journey. Both online and in-person therapy offer benefits. Here's a guide to help you make an informed decision, tailored to your unique needs.Local / [...]

Navigating Local and Online Therapy in the SF Bay Area

2024-01-12T00:03:11-07:00January 11, 2024|

Therapy Services in the SF Bay Area and Online Throughout California At 'Therapy for Every Body,' we believe in providing accessible and personalized mental health care. For residents of the SF Bay Area, including San Jose, Morgan Hill, and along the 880 corridor in Fremont, finding the right therapy option is crucial for this [...]

Understanding Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: A Path to Positive Change

2024-01-11T23:14:03-07:00January 11, 2024|

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)? Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that addresses dysfunctional emotions, behaviors, and thoughts through a goal-oriented, systematic process. Rooted in the idea that our thoughts and perceptions influence our behavior, CBT empowers individuals to reshape their thinking patterns and, consequently, their lives. How does CBT [...]

Say Yes to You: A Therapist’s Roadmap for Effective Boundaries

2024-01-02T14:36:46-07:00December 19, 2023|

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, finding a balance between responsibilities and self-care can be a daunting task. As an online therapist, I often witness the impact of a lack of boundaries on my clients' mental well-being. In this blog post, I'll explore the significance of setting boundaries in our day-to-day [...]

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