Therapy for Every Body

Marissa Dean

Individuals 12 to 112 years old in San Jose and Morgan Hill

Therapy for Every BodyMarissa Dean

Clients 7 to 107 in Morgan Hill and San Jose

Marissa is a holistic and integrative practitioner with a client-centered lens who loves to incorporate somatic approaches into her work. When working with Marissa, you can expect warmth and sensitivity, as well as intelligent and thoughtful reflections.

An east coast native, Marissa moved to the west coast to pursue her decades long dream of becoming a therapist. Marissa graduated from the California Institute of Integral Studies with a Masters in Integral Counseling.

Marissa is fluent in issues of privilege and discrimination. She is an LGBTQ+ ally and member.

What is most important to Marissa is following what is alive in her clients moment to moment. She is strengths based and will help you target goals, identify stressors, and collaborate to find solutions.

Marissa is happy to offer a free consultation to determine a good fit.

Marissa Dean
Supervised by Lara Willing, LMFT 93111
Employed by Lara Willing/Therapy for Every Body

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Marissa Dean, LMFT – Licensed Therapist providing Counseling Services and Holistic Therapy in San Jose, Morgan Hill, and Fremont, CA

Learn more about Marissa on this short video (the dogs belong to Lara, her supervisor)

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