Ligia Law, AMFT

I firmly believe in the potential for change and growth in everyone, no matter the challenges they may face. Therapy, in my view, is a powerful tool for anyone. It offers a secure and supportive space to process feelings, which can lead to profound self-understanding and insight. I’m passionate about providing this kind of nurturing environment, where clients can open up and explore their deepest thoughts. My approach is always empathetic and non-judgmental, drawing on the compassionate guidance I’ve received from therapists in my own journey.

Being part of the LGBTQIA+ community myself, I’m deeply committed to supporting clients across all spectrums of gender and sexuality. My experience is broad, extending to working with kids of all ages to foster stronger bonds and a sense of safety. I really enjoy working with couples and families as well. 

I’m skilled in dealing with dual diagnosis and substance abuse issues. My day-to-day work in a partial hospitalization outpatient clinic has given me valuable insights into managing acute mental health symptoms.

My therapeutic approach is strength-based, client-centered, and humanistic, adapting to each client’s unique needs. I draw from a variety of theoretical frameworks, with a particular affinity for CBT, DBT, motivational interviewing, internal family systems, structural family therapy, feminist therapy, and narrative therapy. I embrace working with diverse clients, welcoming individuals of any race, religion, gender identity, ability, body size, sexuality (including LGBTQIA+, polyamorous, monogamous, kinky, etc.), and socioeconomic background. My goal is to create a space where all differences are not just accepted, but celebrated.

Supervised by Lara Willing, LMFT #93111
Employed by Lara Willing/Therapy for Every Body

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