Ursula Lopez

Ultimately, our goal as human beings is to be happy. And that happiness looks different for every person. As life hands out stressors and obstacles, there are times when we just don’t have the tools to get ourselves out on top. Some may have learned unhealthy habits that are just a little too difficult to break out of. That’s where therapy comes in.

I believe that with some guidance, everyone can break those unhealthy habits, learn those coping skills, make those changes needed to have a happy and fulfilling life. We cannot predict or control what happens around us. We can only react the best way we know how. Through empathy, support, and collaboration, we can work toward your definition of happiness. 

I help kids and adolescents believe in themselves and find their own strengths. We talk through problems from the young person’s point of view and explore solutions to problems. I work with the parents and family to create an environment that is conducive to growth and support.

Everybody deserves to be seen and heard, and, with the support of therapy, discover their own goals, strengths, and healthy habits. I am LGBTQ affirming, sex positive, and gender expansive. I look forward to supporting you on your path.

Ursula Lopez, AMFT
Supervised by Lara Willing, LMFT #93111
Employed by Lara Willing/Therapy for Every Body

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