Therapy for Every Body

San Jose Location

Therapy for Every Body

San Jose Location

In Person Accessibility Information

San Jose Therapy OfficeOur in person location in San Jose is near Hwy 280 & Saratoga Ave. The address is 4100 Moorpark Ave, Suite 120, San Jose, CA 95117. Suite 120 is in the rear left of the building, and there is an exterior door near the suite. There is abundant free parking with some shady spots.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are feeling sick, please do not come into the office. We can have a telehealth session instead on any day that you have symptoms. Each room in the suite has an air conditioning unit, and there are no windows that open to the outside. We do not currently have any masking or vaccine requirements, so please talk to your clinician if you have any needs or requests about this. We do have hand sanitizer available.

All exterior doors are automatically locked during evening and weekend hours. Please make arrangements to text your clinician when you arrive so they can open the entrance door for you.

When you arrive, please make yourself comfortable in the waiting room. Help yourself to tea or water. Please maintain a quiet area, and please do not knock on office doors, as we may have sessions in process. Your therapist will come find you at your appointment time.

The bathrooms are also available in the main corridor in the middle of the building, and the bathroom code is 8200.

The building is not fully ADA compliant. However, there are no steps, and there is a clear path from the outside entrance to the suite entrance and into the offices. This side entrance door is very heavy, but the entrance at the front of the building has an accessibility button to open the door.

There are two gender neutral bathrooms in the hall. The bathrooms would not be accessible for a wheelchair or walker. The stalls themselves are quite small and awkward. This is less than ideal, obviously, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Dogs and pets are not allowed. However, there are service/therapy dogs on the premises at some times. These dogs have hair, not fur, and are not allergenic for most people.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. We look forward to seeing you in person!

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