Deciding Between Online and In Person Therapy

When considering therapy options, deciding between online and in-person sessions, or even a blend of both, is an important step towards your mental health journey. Both online and in-person therapy offer benefits. Here’s a guide to help you make an informed decision, tailored to your unique needs.

Local / In Person Therapy:

Consider what you aim to achieve through therapy. In-person sessions can be more effective for certain therapeutic techniques and for those who find physical presence and a defined and neutral therapy space essential for their process. It also involves driving to and from an office, which takes more time out of your day. Consider making your driving time therapeutic by using mindful driving techniques. offers welcoming and affirming locations in San Jose, Morgan Hill, and Fremont, ensuring a comfortable and supportive environment.

Pros and Cons of Online Therapy:

Online therapy, offered throughout California by, provides the convenience of connecting with a therapist from the comfort of your home, (parked) car, or other private space. This option is ideal for those who value privacy, have a busy schedule, or face mobility challenges. It’s particularly beneficial during times when traveling to an office in San Jose, Morgan Hill, or Fremont isn’t feasible. The downsides of online therapy include internet stability (but we have ideas to help with this), fewer body language cues, and the potential for encouraging isolation.

Considering a Hybrid Approach:

A combination of online and in-person sessions might be the best approach for some. This flexible model allows you to attend sessions at our locations in San Jose, Morgan Hill, or Fremont some or most of the time, but meet online when that is more convenient, with prior notice of course.

Reflecting on Personal Preferences:

Ultimately, the choice depends on what feels right for you. Consider factors like travel time, work-life balance, and personal comfort with technology.

Remember, whether it’s through online sessions across California or face-to-face meetings in San Jose, Morgan Hill, or Fremont, is committed to providing gender-affirming, family-friendly therapy. Embrace the journey towards positive relationships and well-being, choosing the mode of therapy that aligns best with your life.